We all know the hard Left are evil. UAF and Hope Not Hate epitomise this. But what about useful idiots? It is important to define who these people are in the contemporary context. They are, for example, local councillors who promote 'diversity', 'equality' and 'community cohesion' - three locutions that are laying waste to this country and providing Mohammedan butchers sanctuary before the odd one here and there emerges from the cracks of doom and smites our necks.

The latest Muslim atrocities in the West (Paris, USA and London) have been met with the frantic recitation of the liberal internationalist's favourite mantra to explain away such terrorism, namely, it is not committed by Muslims.

With mass immigration and Islamisation promoted and celebrated by all major parties, the situation of the British people is getting rapidly worse. If ever there was a time for patriotic groups in this country to settle their differences and pull together, now is it. In the following article, Adam K.M. askes the question: Is it about time patriots work together? Please add your thoughts and comments at the end.

There will be many watching the antics of the Labour Party who will be wondering what on earth is going on. Corbyn and his close associates are constantly at war with most of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) including members of the Shadow Cabinet, while being regularly assailed with embarrassing political connections from the past such as a rather cosy relationship with Irish Republicans and quotes which show them to be very hard-left personnel indeed. The unrelenting absurdity of the situation was starkly demonstrated when Corbyn attacked his Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn for supporting British military action in Syria.