Jack Buckby's BBC Experience

On the 5th October 2015, a documentary entitled Is Britain Racist? aired on BBC Three. I featured on the documentary, which was initially proposed to me as a documentary "exploring British culture". Of course, it was nothing of the sort.


Five Reasons Why It's not Racist to not Want to Become a Minority

A Department for Education report states that white British pupils will be a minority in classrooms by 2037, meaning white British births will be a minority by 2032 - 17 years' time.


Enviro-Mental? Look Who's Behind The Green Agenda...

Most Americans want to be good stewards of our resources. But most Americans are unaware of the agenda behind the 'Go Green' mindset. If we were conscious of the infected minds and ideology behind this movement, we would run for the hills.


Barack Hussein Obama: Shedding Infidel Blood

History will remember Barack Hussein Obama as more than just a narcissistic, anti-American windbag. He will also be remembered - due to his reckless and hateful oratory - as the president who shed infidel blood.


Germany: Migrants In, Germans Out

German authorities are applying heavy-handed tactics to find housing for the hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees pouring into the country from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


The Pope Calls for a Fight against Islamic Threat

New York, 25 September, 2015.

In a move that surprised most observers, Pope Francis has delivered a fiery oration calling the West to arms in defence of our civilisation against an increasingly militant Muslim world.

In the part of the speech dealing specifically with the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, His Holiness said:


A Non-Marxist Sociologist - Vilfredo Pareto

Sociology has long been dominated by Marxists and for that reason is not seen as a fair or objective discipline. However, there have been conservative sociologists, like Albert Hobbs and George Bourne. Hobbs wrote Man is a Moral Choice and Bourne, Change in the Village. The conservative version of history is in Sir Keith Feiling. Reading such authors helps us understand our own views.


Muslim 'Refugee': "This food is only fit for a dog, or a woman"

About 70 asylum seekers marched yesterday afternoon seven kilometres from the Hiukkavaara refugee centre to Oulu police station, escorted by police.


"My name is Paul Weston and I am a racist."


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