ISIS Didn't Radicalise Them, They Were already Radicalised

The mainstream media are unscrupulously promoting their disingenuous, utopian view that all that is needed to stop ISIS is to avoid making unpleasant criticisms on social media, and for western society to refrain from being so 'Islamophobic'. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals are swallowing this forced medicinal psychosis unsuspectingly. Sunshine, rainbows and unicorns are a much easier sell than the bitter tasting medicine of reality.


How to Fight the "Diversity Is Strength" Lie

"Diversity is our strength" is an Orwellian slogan. Just one week after the recent Paris terror attacks, Obama declared, "We can all do our part by upholding the values of tolerance and diversity and equality that help keep America strong." (Press conference by President Obama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 22nd.)


Autumn Statement 2015: Foreign Aid to Rise to £16.3 BILLION whilst UK Elderly Go Cold and Hungry

Yesterday was the fourth time in twelve months that Chancellor George Osborne has addressed Parliament on the state of the country's economy. His job has not been made easier since his last address during the government's Emergency Budget in July, as tax receipts have reportedly slowed down, particularly through corporation taxes.


Parallel Lines Converge in Syria

At the start of Russia's involvement in the Syrian conflict, I wrote "The danger of accidental conflagration is high, and the choice of possible flash points is wide."


Jihad In Paris: The One Critical Lesson the West Must Learn

Friday 13th November 2015 brought more murderous acts of Islamic jihad to the streets of Paris. It was a day everyone knew would come at some point yet most did their level best to pretend it never would. Once the day was over, 129 innocent people had paid the ultimate price for this pretense, gunned down or blown to pieces by devout followers of Islam, the religion of peace.


Britain is not a Democracy

Initially I wanted this article to be an extended criticism of the first past the post (FPTP) electoral system but I have since decided that such an article would be a bit dry and unnecessary. I believe it to be unnecessary because there are plenty of good videos on YouTube that serve this very purpose, such as this one. After watching this video you will be able to understand how stupid, undemocratic and indefensible FPTP really is.


The Desert Dung: Saudi Arabia and the Refugee Problem

Ignorant leaders in the West - out of faux white guilt or just plain appeasement - are on a suicide mission of planting potential terrorists into their counties. Guided by the UN, the EU and the current US administration are (in a despotic fashion) forcing unvetted Syrian migrants onto their people. We've seen the disastrous result of these feckless and pernicious actions in such tragic events as the Paris attacks (and numerous other incidents that have been thwarted).


Islam's Dangerous Idiots

Western leaders that continually espouse the notion that Islam is a 'religion of peace' are more than just a cohort of useful idiots: they are, in fact, dangerous idiots.

That's right: dangerous idiots.



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