2017: The Year of the Infidel

It is time to stop bowing at the altar of the so-called religion of peace, and fully embrace the truism courageously uttered by Donald Trump during the presidential campaign: "Islam hates us":


2016 was replete with mindless (if not dangerous) overtures to Islam that only served to embolden Mohammed's henchmen. Such overtures are always proffered by cowards that rather live life on their knees than stand for the truth.

Pope Francis (one such coward) become the first prelate to permit Islamic prayers and Koranic readings from the Vatican. He has stated (ad nauseum) that the terrorism we are witnessing today has nothing to do with Islam.

Following the Pope's feckless example, a priest in southern Italy dressed the Virgin Mary in a burqa [top picture] for his church's recent Nativity scene. This, of course, was yet another flagrant attempt to appease Muslims by making Christianity subservient to the misogynistic doctrines of Islam.

In Rebbio, Italy a Muslim woman cloaked in Islamic garb was allowed to read from the Koran during a Christmas service. Priest Don Giusto della Valle described the event as "a gesture of dialogue."

Sadly, the bowing at Islam's altar doesn't end with the Vatican. Lord Harries, a senior bishop serving the Church of England, has strongly suggested that Prince Charles's upcoming coronation should open with readings from the Koran. Harries believes that such actions are "a creative act of accommodation."

Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Stohm of Germany has joined forces with Angela Merkel to call for all students to be educated in the ways of Islam. They, like so many other pitiful cowards, rather bow than fight.

In the US, at least 50 churches (including the National Cathedral) have welcomed Koranic readings during services and bible studies. This is emblematic of a nation that has painfully labored for nearly a decade under an Islamist.

(By the way: the above actions have done nothing to mollify the rabid jihadis that seek to behead us.)

Again, it is time to embrace the "Islam hates us" posture so courageously propounded by Donald Trump. Yes, it is time for the true citizens of Western civilization to strongly denounce (and replace) the cowards that bow at the bloody altar of Islam.

And by doing so, we can make 2017: The Year of the Infidel.