America Doesn't Need Allah

America is a great and sublime nation because it is constructed upon the immutable Judeo-Christian tenet that "All men are created equal." Therefore, the last thing American needs is a psychotic god who commands his followers to commit unimaginable acts of barbarity against those he deems fiercely inferior.

Yes, America doesn't need Allah.

Despite the endless and whiny remonstrations from those residing on the Left that Allah is a loving and all inclusive god, history tells us that he is a seething hatemonger with a vengeful appetite for the hyper-horrific.

Allah's command of, "Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them" has cut a swath of mayhem and misery across the globe since the seventh century. From the Battle of the Trench in 627 AD where Allah ordered his henchmen to behead 900 tribesmen, to 9/11 where Allah ordered his minions to use commercial jets as guided missiles to incinerate 3,000 innocents, Allah is nothing short of pure, unadulterated savagery.

The very fact that Allah is the author of one of the most highly misogynistic practices in the world (clitorectomy) should be proof enough that he is in league with Satan. After all, what could possibly be more odious than cutting the clitoris out of a eight-year-old?

Allah's profound hatred of women doesn't end with just clitorectomies. The twisted god of Islam also believes that men can sexually violate women whenever they please (Koran 2:223). He also commands his male followers to beat their wives if they display even a modicum of disobedience (Koran 4:34).

The following Koranic passages are all commands from Allah to terrorize and or kill Jews and Christians: Koran 2:191, Koran 3:28, Koran 5:33, Koran 8:12, Koran 8:60, Koran 8:65, Koran 9:5, Koran 9:30, Koran 9:123, Koran 22:19, Koran 47:4.

These supremacist commands from Allah violate the very essence of America. They are, in fact the violent antithesis of "All men are created equal."

In the final analysis: Allah viciously strikes at the very heart of America's founding precepts and doctrines. He is a god of outright supremacy, subjugation and suppression.

And that is exactly why: America doesn't need Allah.