Barack Obama: The Enemy of Freedom

Barack Obama is truly the enemy of freedom. Why? Because he is nothing more than a shill for a medieval doctrine that subjugates innocents via rape, torture and various other barbaric methodologies.

Obama has never failed to use the bully pulpit to heap assorted accolades upon the so-called religion of peace. Following the terrorist attack in Nice he spoke of "working with partners around the world, including Muslim communities, to push back against hateful ideologies that twist and distort Islam - a religion that teaches peace and justice and compassion."

Of course history is not on Obama's side when it comes to his claim that Islam "teaches peace and justice and compassion." Was it peace, justice and compassion when Islam's founder ordered the beheadings of 900 men (and boys) subsequent to the Battle of the Trench in 627 AD simply because they were members of an ancient Jewish tribe?

Not only did Mohammed order the beheadings, but he also forced the tribe's women to watch in horror as their husbands, sons, fathers and brothers were barbarically executed.

But, as is the case with Islam, the torture did not end there. The women (who included prepubescent girls) were taken as sex slaves by Mohammed and his misogynistic henchmen.

Again, was it peace, justice and compassion when Mohammed married a 6-year-old girl named Aisha and then raped her when she was barely 9 (and he was 52)?

The truth is, Islam is an extremely vile and nefarious political ideology because its founder was extremely vile and nefarious. And the attack in Nice was just another example of an Islamic adherent following in Mohammed's bloody footsteps.

In the final analysis, Islam is the violent antithesis of Western-style democracy and freedom. Its modus operandi is to brutally conquer all non-Muslims in order to establish a global Islamic hegemony.

President Barack Obama is paid to uphold and defend the US Constitution - not to act as a shill for Islam. But as long as he continues to do so, he is the enemy of freedom.