Culturist Jack Buckby Joins Liberty Executive

We are delighted to announce that Jack Buckby, founder and leader of the National Culturists, has been appointed to the Executive Council of Liberty GB as Culture Officer.

Earlier today Jack provided us with the following brief biography outlining his new role and priorities.



I'm Jack Buckby, I'm 20 years old, a university student of politics and a keen backer of the culturist position. I am today becoming the Party Culture Officer for Liberty GB. My roles will include outreach and making decisions and advising the party with regards to British culture and culturism.

I believe a party that focuses largely on culture, structural functionalism, individual liberty and self-determination is one that quite simply must succeed in the United Kingdom. Today we see a brand new political landscape emerging, but it's not quite the one we need yet.

UKIP may be a step in the right direction for some, but their leadership's lack of courage to stand up and tackle the problem of Islam and national identity is what makes Liberty GB necessary. Their fake stance of 'uniculturalism' must be replaced with a stance of culturism.

Britain has a core majority and traditional culture, a Leitkultur, that must be protected. In doing so, we must not shut out international influences, but accept that our nation and its identity must grow organically. We must also recognise that whilst the East is largely culturist, the West must also embrace this position to ensure our own survival.

I'm a keen writer, a traditional conservative and someone who is passionate about justice. As a young person, I feel that my responsibility is great, and that I have a duty to spread the word and play a hand in the creation of a new cultural renaissance. Modernity is destroying our identity. Guilt is infesting our youth. It's time that a viable political alternative existed that recognises these problems, but refuses to accept hate as a political standpoint.

My vision of the future is a youth that embraces traditionalism, conservatism and is inspired to do something with their life. Now is not a time for handouts, or for making life easy for people who identify as victims. A prosperous Britain requires a population of people who are willing to work hard to do well, and to stand up and be heard if they want to make a change.

I know young people like this exist. I encounter them every day. Unfortunately, most are made to shut up by their own universities and institutions. Along with Liberty GB, I have a side project known as the National Culturists. This is an organisation which stands separate from party politics, and welcomes young people from all parties.

My involvements in both this party and the National Culturists, I believe, will be an important stepping stone for young people. When brave, conservative young people get together, we can do exactly what the left did so many decades ago. The universities are key, and so are young people.

I feel that my vision fits perfectly with the manifesto and ideology of Liberty GB, and I have high hopes for the party. If you agree with me, then I'd be delighted to hear from you. If you'd like to be a part of the National Culturists, then you would be equally welcome to get on board and help us work across party lines to ensure that our youth have the opportunities they deserve.

I look forward to working with you all, and to a prosperous future for traditional conservatives and culturists alike.

Jack Buckby

24th April 2013.