Death to Islam

There is only one acceptable and viable mindset against an ideology that is built upon the treacherous tenets of warmongering, misogyny, pedophilia and religious bigotry: Death to Islam.

Islam represents the very antithesis of Western civilization. From its history of brutal conquest and subjugation to its doctrine of hyper-supremacy, Islam has no place in a civilized society built upon the maxim that all men are created equal.

The Koran (Islam's playbook) contains over 109 violent verses that demand jihad against the infidel. And these verses have not only been quoted by ISIS, but also by the so-called lone wolves as they slaughtered innocents from San Bernardino to Nice.

Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton continues (ad nauseum) her defense of Islam to the great detriment of Western civilization. She not only calls it a "great" and "tolerant" religion that has "blessed" so many, but she has also called for a dramatic increase in the number of Syrian refugees being admitted to America.

Of course, Hillary couldn't care less that a majority of these refugees believe that Islamic law is superior to any form of Western jurisprudence, and given the choice would replace the US Constitution with Sharia.

(Isn't it funny how feminists have remained painfully reticent concerning this threatening prospect?)

Hillary Clinton (along with other Western leaders) has sacrificed citizens on the blood-soaked altar of Allah. Her stunning appeasement of all things Islam has not only served to embolden the enemy, but has probably also contributed to the brutal annihilation of thousands.

Just last week ISIS (as demanded in Koran 9:29) conveyed the following message to all Christians: "Convert, or live under the authority of Islam in humiliation."

Despite what our cowardly and morally weak leaders are telling us, ISIS represents the very face of Islam. And it is our duty and obligation to not only confront this scourge on the battlefield with bombs and bullets, but to also confront it in the marketplace of ideas with vigorous, politically incorrect dialogue.

In either case the mindset must remain the same: Death to Islam.