Hillary Clinton: Beyond Barbaric

Hillary Clinton is beyond barbaric. She is, without hesitation, the most corrupt and rapacious hag to ever enter the political fray. And that is why accepting money from the world's most savage enterprises never presents a problem for the 2016 presidential wannabe.

Hillary has joyfully accepted money from the two major financers of ISIS - Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These two Islamic fiefdoms have contributed a combined $30 million to the Clinton Foundation while funding a terrorist organization that has tortured, raped and beheaded thousands of Christians across Syria and Iraq.

(Thanks to Wikileaks, Hillary's army of sycophants can no longer claim that she was unaware that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were bankrolling ISIS. In a 2014 email sent to John Podesta, Hillary openly admitted that the two nations were supplying ISIS with millions of dollars.)

The utter brutality of ISIS can be measured by the way it treats women caught in its insidious path. From gang raping young females in order to force them to become sex slaves to beheading a 10-year-old girl while her family was forced to watch in horror, ISIS is a ruthless, misogynistic killing machine.

But the hyper-violent exploits of ISIS should never overshadow the fact that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are among some of the world's worst nations when it comes to human rights violations. Operating under Sharia law both Qatar and Saudi Arabia stone women for simply being accused of adultery while not even allowing them to leave their homes without being accompanied by a male family member.

But Hillary's lust for the barbaric doesn't end with blood drenched lucre from the Islamic world; she has also taken over $10,000 from an organization that has killed nearly seven million unborn babies since 1978. Planned Parenthood not only uses tax dollars to slaughter innocents in the womb, but it also sells baby parts for profit as chronicled by the Center for Medical Progress in 2014.

Truth be told, while Hillary Clinton parades herself as a feminist icon/ human rights champion she accepts money from rogues who demonstrate an intensely violent antipathy to both women and the most vulnerable among us - the unborn.

God save America from the woman who is beyond barbaric.