Hillary Clinton: Islam's Hag

There is no greater advocate, suck-up and sycophant for the so-called religion of peace than presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton. Her outrageous and unyielding devotion to this barbaric political system earns her the unique moniker of Islam's Hag.

Yes, this unpleasant and evil looking woman has not only sung the praises of Islam, but has also used her power and influence to impose sharia law in America.

Think I'm kidding? In late September of 2012 the producer of a satirical film about Mohammed, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was arrested by the feds in Los Angeles, California at the behest of President Obama and then Secretary of State Clinton.

Nakoula's arrest was not only used to deflect culpability away from Obama's and Clinton's failed foreign policy in Libya, but it was also used for another very sinister purpose: to impose sharia law.

Clinton - knowing full well that al Qaeda (and not the film) was responsible for the attack in Benghazi - used the arrest of Nakoula to protect herself (and Obama) from political fallout during an election year. But she also used it to send the following message to the American people: make fun of Mohammed and the government will come down on you.

This, clearly, was sharia law which prohibits any and all perceived negative depictions and commentaries about Mohammed.

Lest we forget - while Clinton was Secretary of State she labored feverishly with the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) to make any criticism of Islam a crime. While attending an OIC conference in 2011 she depicted Americans that voiced disagreements with Islamic doctrine as those who "create wide ripples of intolerance."

Hillary has never hesitated to fully defend Islam and its adherents. In a tweet dated 19 November 2016 she wrote: "Let's be clear: Islam is not our enemy or adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing to do with terrorism."

In fact, this is the very mantra Hillary breaks out whenever Islam and its faithful rape, pillage and plunder just like its founder once did. She is always quick to defend while ignoring the millions of women who have been brutally violated by the minions of Mohammed.

This is a woman who is so protective of Islam that she won't dare utter the phrase "radical Islam." When questioned during a CNN interview as to why she would not use the phrase, she proffered the following: "The problem is, that sounds like we are declaring war against a religion. That to me is number one, wrong. It doesn't do justice to the vast numbers of Muslims in our own country and around the world who are peaceful people."

In the final analysis Hillary Clinton cares more about defending Islam than America (or for that matter, Western Civilization).

God save us all from Islam's Hag.


Pete Parker is a US Navy veteran and former professional strength athlete who tackles cultural issues from a conservative perspective. Pete was formerly the host of TUFFTalk Radio which dealt with national security and the threat Islam poses to western civilization. He is passionate in defending his great nation's Judeo-Christian heritage.