International Expert on Islam and Taqiyya to Be Expert Witness in Tim Burton Trial!

Further to our update at the beginning of February concerning Liberty GB representative Tim Burton (pictured above) and his upcoming trial at Southwark Crown Court, we have some amazing news, which is that a highly qualified and experienced expert witness is willing to act for us and will be accepted by the court!

Professor Sami Aldeeb has agreed to appear as an expert witness in Tim's trial, giving authoritative evidence on the subject of Islam in general and taqiyya in particular. He is (coincidentally) the author of a book about taqiyya and dissimulation within Islam. The book can be ordered from Amazon or downloaded for free as a pdf file.

Professor Aldeeb's qualifications are impressive:

Professor Sami Awad Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh is a Christian of Palestinian origin and a Swiss citizen. He is a graduate and doctor in Law (Fribourg). He is also a graduate in political sciences (Geneva). He has been "habilitated to direct research" - a highly regarded French qualification (HDR, Bordeaux 3). He is a university professor (CNU-France) and has been responsible for the study of Arab and Islamic Law at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (1980-2009). He is a visiting professor at various French, Italian and Swiss universities and is also director of the Centre of Arab and Islamic Law. He is the author of many books and has translated the Koran into French, English and Italian. He has also proposed an annotated Arabic edition of the Koran. Please visit his website:

We can't emphasise too much how important this is. When it comes to countering the lies and disinformation put out by the other side, we need a genuine crusader for truth with the gravitas to be accepted as an independent commentator, and with Professor Sami Aldeeb we have just the person we need to speak truth to power. It couldn't be better!

We will continue to bring you all the latest news and developments leading up to Tim's court hearing as and when they occur. Should you be able to turn up to the court on one or more of the scheduled days of the trial, you would be most welcome:

Monday 27 - Tuesday 28 March 2017, Southwark Crown Court, London SE1 2HU

Please email if you're planning to attend, so that we can send meet-up details.

In the meantime, please feel free to post any comments below.

Thank you once again for all your support. Please continue to spread the word in whichever way you can, through friends, family and work colleagues, or by copying and pasting this article on your favourite blogs and websites.

"Never forget - the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke 1729-1797

Best regards

Ms June Tidmarsh, on behalf of Tim Burton of Liberty GB.


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Tim would like to thank all those who have contributed to his Legal Defence Fund to date - without your help it would have been even more stressful and traumatic for Tim than it otherwise has been -, however we still have a long way to go to cover all the costs associated with the Crown Court trial, and every penny that you can spare would be greatly appreciated.

As always, Tim will respond personally to every gesture of support. Please continue to support this cause - all our freedoms are at stake if Tim is found guilty by the Court. This is a politically motivated show trial designed to make an example of Tim, and to discourage the rest of us from exercising our right to freedom of speech in this country.