Islam and the Death of Sanity

Just the mere belief that Islam is a 'religion of peace' represents the death of sanity. Yet world leaders to the man on the street steadfastly adhere to the twisted and reckless notion that the world's most insidious ideology is peaceful.

On 9/11 New York City was savaged by Islamic terrorists who were motivated and driven by Koranic doctrine. In the end, nearly three thousand New Yorkers lost their lives on that fateful day. Yet, when questioned whether Islam was to blame for the attacks, most New Yorkers (including its current mayor) respond with the usual platitude: Islam is a religion of peace.

But the death of sanity doesn't end in New York. While scores of young German women were being raped and brutalized by Muslim refugees at a train station last New Year's Eve, Angela Merkel (along with thousands of German citizens) were greeting a new posse of refugees at the border.

It's becoming more manifest that Merkel, along with other world leaders (not to mention the man on the street) refuse to engage in any serious dialogue or debate about Islam. Instead, they would rather proffer up the usual platitudes that are deeply rooted in political correctness, historical revisionism and white guilt.

After all, it is much easier (and safer) to say Islam is a religion of peace than to say it is a misogynistic and violent ideology that demands the sexual mutilation of women.

Or to say it is tolerant and inclusive instead of barbarically intolerant due to its 'throw the gays from a rooftop' policy.

Those that adhere to the twisted and reckless notion that Islam is a religion of peace refuse to have an open and honest discussion about the violent passages contained within the Koran. Such passages as Sura 8:12 - "Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran" - are often quoted by ISIS as a source of authority and motivation.

Yet, while ISIS publicly acknowledges that it beheads Christians because the Koran demands it, the likes of Merkel (and her sheep) vociferously counter such pronouncements with the usual deafening chant: Islam is a religion of peace.

Perhaps with the election of Donald Trump an open and honest discussion will eventually take place concerning the violence that punctuates the very doctrine of Islam?

But until then, we are witnessing the death of sanity.