Islam: The Mortal Enemy of Women

The so-called religion of peace is the most vile doctrine ever spawned by the Devil himself. From pedophilia to genital mutilation to sex slavery, Mohammedanism is a misogynistic beast that degrades and dehumanizes women from the cradle to the grave.

In short: Islam is the mortal enemy of women.

Think I'm kidding? A recent story published by Christian Today tells of 250 women executed by ISIS last month in the city of Mosul, Iraq for refusing to become sex slaves for its fighters.

Of course, this kind of revelation is not new. ISIS has raped, tortured and killed thousands of Christian and Yazidi women who have refused to become sex slaves for the barbaric thugs that inhabit its ranks.

Truth be told, ISIS is only following the warped and psychotic paradigm set by Islam's founder and so-called prophet Mohammed. Lest we forget, Mohammed had to permit his followers to possess sex slaves (Koran 4:3, 4:24, 33:50) because he had many himself, including a 9-year-old called Aisha.

(Make no mistake: although Aisha was considered Mohammed's wife, she was his most prized sex slave.)

As a result of Mohammed's savage treatment of the opposite sex, the Islamic world is a seething cesspool of twisted and predatory males that treat women as mere chattel. Rape and torture is endemic to most majority Muslim countries. And the sexual savagery that is committed - as one would imagine in this part of the world - goes unpunished.

Liberals, as usual, will shrill that ISIS is not representative of Islam. But, It needs to be asked - how do they then explain the fact that the very birthplace of Islam (Saudi Arabia) abuses, tortures and beheads almost as many women as ISIS does?

Presidential candidate - and self-proclaimed feminist icon - Hillary Clinton has not only fawned over Islam (calling it one of the great and humanitarian religions of the world), but her Clinton Foundation has also received millions from the Saudi government.

Hillary - like so many other spineless and self-serving politicos - has turned a blind eye to the glaring fact that Islam is the mortal enemy of women. And with the Muslim population proliferating across Europe, the female denizens of the West are already in grave danger.

God save women from Islam (and from the women who fawn over it).


Pete Parker is a US Navy veteran and former professional strength athlete who tackles cultural issues from a conservative perspective. Pete was formerly the host of TUFFTalk Radio which dealt with national security and the threat Islam poses to western civilization. He is passionate in defending his great nation's Judeo-Christian heritage.