The Islamic Castration of Western Man

From Brussels to Stockholm, Western man is cowering in the corner while his women and children are being raped and killed by the Muslim hordes that now pollute his once sublime landscape.

And just why has he taken such a cowering posture? He fears being labeled 'racist' by the Islamists (and their liberal lapdogs) that have taken the West hostage.

It's official: we are now witnessing the Islamic castration of Western man.

Many Muslim men view western women as 'whores' and 'sluts' worthy of the most heinous displays of misogyny. These Islamo-savages feel it is their Koranic duty and obligation to rape white, non-Muslim women.

On New Year's 2016 scores of German women were sexually assaulted in the city of Cologne by Muslim refugees from the Middle East and Africa. Yet, despite the utter barbarity of the attacks, the vast majority of German men cowered in the corner rather than take to streets seeking justice for their women.

These cowering eunuchs would rather see their women violated by rabid gangs of Muslim freeloaders than ever run the risk of being labeled racists by a local Imam or his obsequious lapdog Angela Merkel.

In fact, on that very same New Year's Eve, similar attacks were reported in Sweden and Finland by local law enforcement agencies. Yet, the vast majority of men in those Western countries chose to cower rather than confront.

Truth be told, from Belgium to Sweden Islamic invaders rape, pillage and plunder with near impunity while Western man sits in abject fear of being called a racist over an issue (ironically) that has absolutely nothing to do with race.

Sadly, Western leaders have ignored the preponderance of evidence that Islam is a hyper-violent ideology that is incompatible with Western civilization. And by fecklessly doing so they have placed the citizenry of the West in grave danger.

That aside, it is incumbent upon Western man to reclaim his cojones and confront the most perilous (and perverted) threat of our time. If he fails to do so, the West will become the new Mecca.