Islam's Dangerous Idiots

Leaders such as David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande have jeopardized the national security of their respective countries based on the opinion that Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion that benefits mankind.

And by believing such tripe and nonsense these dangerous idiots have allowed their countries to be flooded with Muslim immigrants that refuse to assimilate due to Islamic supremacy.

Chillingly, Islamic supremacy is the doctrine that Muslims are superior to all non-Muslims. And it is upon this very doctrine that the no-go zones (throughout the EU) have been established.

These zones are off-limits to all non-Muslims and have become incubators for sharia law, jihadists and the rape-gangs that believe (in accordance with Koranic dogma) that Western women are 'whores' and deserve to be raped.

(If you think I'm kidding, just talk to some of the 1,400 rape victims of Rotherham, England who were sexually violated by adherents of the so-called religion of peace.)

In Oslo, Norway over the last few years, almost all attack-rapes have been committed by Muslim males. These violent assaults are a direct result of Islam's misogynistic worldview.

But sadly, even after the deadly attacks in France, Francois Hollande vows to continue his homage to Islam by allowing 30,000 more Muslim 'refugees' to enter his country.

Obviously Hollande and the rest of the dangerous idiots have never read the Koran and the over 160 violent passages contained within its pages that demand jihad. Such passages as Sura 8:12, 9:5 and 9:29 have been the motivation for acts of Islamic barbarism since the 7th century.

Unfortunately, most Western leaders (when it comes to Islam) take their cue from an Islamist - Barack Hussein Obama. And, as an Islamist, Obama will do whatever it takes to advance the cause of Islam. Which, by the way, includes the most lethal lie ever perpetrated by a Western leader: that Islam is a religion of peace.

God save Western Civilization from Islam's dangerous idiots.


Pete Parker is a US Navy veteran and former professional strength athlete who tackles cultural issues from a conservative perspective. Pete was formerly the host of TUFFTalk Radio which dealt with national security and the threat Islam poses to western civilization. He is passionate in defending his great nation's Judeo-Christian heritage.