The Only Solution to Islamic Terror: Remove Islam

So the mass murdering Muslim terrorist Khalid Masood was apparently carrying out the edicts of the Muslim prophet Mohammed after all. According to a recent article in IBTimes, Masood made a phone call to his family a week before he mowed down innocents in London, when he stated: "You will soon hear of my death, but don't worry... I will be in paradise."

And there we all were thinking this attack was just another instance of a mentally unstable automobile running amok, as they are all too liable to do across various European cities in these diverse and multicultural times we are so lucky to live in!

Cars and trucks are just the modern day equivalent of the horse, so the following verse from the Koran came to mind in light of Masood's charge at infidel pedestrians in the House of War or Dar al-Harb:

"Prepare for them whatever force and steeds of war ye are able to gather, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies." (8:60)

Theresa May and all the other members of the Traitor Class within the political and media establishments tried their best to clear Islamic ideology with the actions of Masood. The British Prime Minister even went so far as to defend the Mohammedan attack as follows: "It is wrong to describe this as Islamic terrorism. It is Islamist terrorism. It is a perversion of a great faith."

You can be sure she was grasping at grammatical straws here. It wasn’t Islamic terrorism, but it was Islamist terrorism? What is the difference exactly? Do not these two supposedly different religious/ political ideologies share the same background, the same book, the same Hadiths, the same worship of the same prophet? If they do - and of course they do - then there can be no difference at all. We could make it even simpler than that if we wanted to and just call it Muslim Actions In Accordance With Their Holy Book.

So what are we to do about the violent actions of the followers of Islam and the refusal of our ruling elites to admit Islamic terror is rooted in Islam? It isn't an easy question to answer when we don't have political power, but if we were to hold power one day, then the answer is obvious: the only way Western countries can make themselves safe from jihadism is by excluding Muslims and quarantining them in their own lands. If non-Muslim humanity is to be safe and free, Muslim humanity must be permanently separated from the rest of mankind.

Far-leftists and their Useful Idiot liberal allies will think this a shockingly 'racist' statement to make, but here are a couple of questions for these peculiar people: Is there any other way of ensuring our safety? And if there is not, what exactly are the amazing benefits of having Muslims in the West that outweigh all the gargantuan negatives of having Muslims in the West?

Or in other words, it might not be very nice removing Islam from non-Muslim countries, but neither is it very nice being blown up, gang-raped or mown down in modern day cavalry charges. If there are any Muslim apologists reading this, please tell me why you think it is acceptable to retain Muslims within the West when you know there will be more violence, more terror and more murder of innocents.

Anyone? Anyone at all?