Political Correctness: The Ideology of Idiots

As the intellectually disabled leaders of Sweden continue to worship the gods of political correctness, this once proud Scandinavian country has become the rape capital of Europe.

The Swedish government has now admitted that there are no less than fifty no-go zones throughout the country controlled by Muslim men ('refugees') who possess a ravenous appetite for raping white women.

Needless to say: political correctness is the ideology of idiots.

But, sadly, the leaders of Sweden have joined a gaggle of politicos across the Western world who have sacrificed their citizenry on the bloody altar of political correctness in order to whitewash the fact that Islam is a dunghill of violence and misogyny.

From America to Germany (where thousands of German women have been sexually assaulted by Muslim 'refugees') Western leaders have concealed the vile history, dogmas and tenets of Islam. And they have concealed them, for the most part, by simply stating (ad nauseum) that it is a 'religion of peace.'

But the narrative that Islam is peaceful can be dispelled by simply understanding that Islam's inventor, Mohammed, was a pathological liar, murderer and rapist. He not only believed that women were inferior (Koran 4:34), but he also owned numerous sex slaves as a result of direct military conquests.

In fact, political correctness has whitewashed the following truths concerning Islam: men can have sex with women whenever they want (Koran 2:223); men are superior to women and must obey them or risk physical abuse (Koran 4:34); Muslim men can have as many as four wives, including those under the age of 12, while also allowed to possess sex slaves (Koran 4:3, 65:4, 4:24).

But the whitewashing doesn't end with Islam's unfettered misogyny. The current wave of violence being committed by Muslim 'refugees' has nothing to do with so-called racism by host countries, nor its citizens, but rather Islam's doctrine of death and supremacy which states: "Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them" (Koran 2:191).

In the final analysis, political correctness (the deliberate concealment of truth) will eventually kill Western civilization - including the very leaders that practice it.

And that is why it is the ideology of idiots.