The Time Has Come for a Quiet Revolution

Recently on Question Time the BBC celebrated the ethnic cleansing of native Britons from their capital city of London. The same London that was built on the blood, sweat and tears of proud working class English men and women.

These are the very people who are now being swept away in favour of newcomers, many of whom do not respect our culture and traditions. Indeed some would wish to replace our culture with theirs. Many bring nothing but welfare dependency, crime and diseases long ago eradicated from this country.

London was one of the world's most beautiful and iconic cities, where the rule of law coupled with the culture of the British people created a beacon of democracy and decency – a safe, elegant and cultural centre admired the world over.

This city is now in the process of being dismantled and replaced by something unrecognisable. A multicultural, overpopulated, crime-ridden city. A city in which some schools have few or no English students and over 30 different languages are spoken. A city where giant mosques dominate the landscape, towering over their gentle Judeo-Christian neighbours. A city where sharia patrols police 'Muslim areas'. A city where the white British are now a minority. Our enemies call this 'enrichment'.

The demise of the most advanced and civilised culture the world has ever known is the source of much jubilation to the insane cultural relativists. In this context, how genuine does Question Time appear? Are, as has been alleged, members of the audience and the panel hand-picked for their political views? That the programme abandoned any pretence of impartiality would seem to give a definitive answer to that question. A more disheartening display of anti-English sentiment, self-loathing and Marxist multicultural propaganda I have yet to see in the British mainstream media.

What the Luftwaffe was unable to achieve in World War Two the traitors within our establishment have achieved within my lifetime. Hardly a whimper has been heard from the British people, so terrified are they of the label 'racist'.

The time has come to collectively stand up in defence of our own culture, and show genuine pride in what and who we are and where we have come from. Let's start a quiet and intelligent revolution of the silent middle class. We owe it to the generations to come and to those that have passed before us who made the ultimate sacrifice.