The Totalitarian Creed of Political Correctness

The Left intelligentsia have so long worshipped foreign gods that they seem to have become almost incapable of seeing any good in the characteristic English institutions and traditions. That the moral values on which most of them pride themselves are largely the products of the institutions they are out to destroy, these socialists cannot, of course, admit.

This attitude is unfortunately not confined to avowed socialists. Though one must hope that it is not true of the less vocal but more numerous cultivated Englishman, if one were to judge by the ideas which find expression in current political discussion and propaganda the Englishman who not only "the language speak that Shakespeare spake", but also "the faith and morals hold that Milton held" seems to have almost vanished.

Two of the practical effects of multiculturalism were the creation of a grievance culture within the various ethnic minorities and a belief that English laws and customs may be ignored with impunity, a belief perhaps best exemplified by the growing attack on free expression, primarily but by no means exclusively by Muslims.

Barbara Amiel writing about the then Mayor of London Ken Livingstone's embroilment in a row over alleged anti-semitic remarks ("Welcome, Ken, to the gulag you helped create") describes the present position of minorities beautifully:

People with minority status perform the same function in a society of inclusiveness as India's sacred cows or the sacred deer in Nara, Japan. They can bite you in the midriff but you can't hit them on the nose. If they lie in front of a bus, the vehicle must wait until they get up and go away before driving on.

Just so. Minorities have to a large extent become a law unto themselves – but only with the active connivance of the British elite.

With the growth of a culture of victimhood, the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish were able to climb on the victim bandwagon and to largely withstand the deracination of their children – or at least to promote a sense of tribal unity. The English, being always represented as the villain of the piece, were not only deracinated, but unable to defend themselves because the whole of public life was dominated and controlled by those responsible for the deracination.

Along with multiculturalism came feminism and gay rights which reinforced the message that no group had priority and all ways of life were equally valid. Over a quarter a century or so, these three ideologies solidified into the totalitarian creed of that is political correctness.

The PC creed is literally totalitarian because it allows only one legitimate view on any subject it covers, can be infiltrated into virtually any area of human activity, and being an elite ideology, enables the elite to use their power through the control of the media and public life to punish and exclude anyone who denies the 'truth' by being non-PC. This was immensely useful in deracinating English children because it both discouraged them from voicing any contrary views and prevented those adults who opposed the ideology from having a public voice.

Occasionally political correctness provides some tart amusement for the non-PC majority. Like all religions, sacred or profane, it devours its own, and its most assiduous ideologues find themselves cast in the role of the heretic. The case of Ken Livingstone cited above is a particularly amusing example because of his incessant portrayal of himself as the most PC of men.


From "English education – a project to culturally cleanse the English", by Robert Henderson.