The West Gives, Islam Gratefully Abuses

Assuming Western civilisation still exists in a few decades time, historians will look back at these liberal times with utter bafflement. The current dominant ideology in the West is one of celebrating diversity and caring deeply (and publicly...) about poor refugees from a Third World made a Third World by its third-world inhabitants. More remarkable still is the liberal belief that when the First World imports the Third World in their millions, the First World will stay the First World...

It won't, of course. It will instead gradually morph into a barbaric, violent, economically broken, crime ridden hellhole. A story I missed last year rather bears this out. It claimed nine hundred Syrian refugees in Britain had been arrested in 2016 for a variety of crimes including rape and child abuse.

The government had tried to hush this up of course, because it wanted to take in twenty thousand further refugees and clearly thought this ambition might be curtailed if the public were confronted with the reality of the situation. As far as I am aware, Lebanon and Jordan have accepted genuine refugees and it is just gullible old Western Europe which seems intent on importing young males of fighting/ raping age into its midst.

It took a Freedom of Information request by The Sun newspaper to reveal the horrifying figures involved in criminal behaviour, and it gets much worse. Depending on who you believe, Britain has accepted anywhere between one thousand five hundred and two thousand five hundred Syrian refugees, so if nine hundred have been arrested it suggests close to half of these ungrateful wretches have committed wicked crimes against the country that offered them respite, succour and friendship.

Europol claims very few of these purported refugees are genuine and that very few are even from Syria. Enoch Powell thought we were "mad, literally mad, as a nation" in allowing West Indians into Britain, but just how mad are we today, when we allow in young Muslim males with a known penchant for jihad, rape and murder?

While we continue to operate on the ideological basis that all cultures are equal and non-discrimination is a positive virtue, nothing will change. We now find ourselves in a situation worthy of a dysfunctional horror movie. To say these 'refugees' are taking the p**s is an understatement, but who can blame them

They themselves are not sick, it is simply their way of life and their behaviour which have no place in a civilised country.

It is Britain that is sick, or at least our ruling elites. How else to describe a country which reaches out the hand of friendship to people who quite clearly hate us, and then tries to cover up their obscene behaviour and their abhorrent lack of gratitude? I’m not sure how this catastrophic situation can be halted or reversed by anything other than genuine revolution now. As I say, it is Britain that is sick. It is Britain that is dying. If we wish to live out this century, it is time to start thinking in revolutionary terms.


Paul Weston is leader of Liberty GB.